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The Best Corporate Food Gifts…In Good Taste

Holiday food gift box of snack size cheese, sausage, desserts, nuts, mustards and candies with a small plate of samples.

With more at stake than the rest of your gift giving, corporate gifting is something you want to do right. Let us help you find the best corporate food gifts.

It can be stressful enough trying to decide what to give loved ones for Christmas. Will they like it? Will if fit? Does it match their décor? And those are the people who are near and dear to you. When you’re buying corporate Christmas gifts, the stakes are considerably higher. The impression you make on an important client can have an impact of millions of dollars, and making employees feel valued and appreciated can impact performance and retention.

Corporate gifting is something you want to do right…so what are the best corporate gifts? As the old saying goes, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” We think that applies equally to both genders, in all walks of life…hence the description of food as “the gift that’s never returned.”

Corporate Food Gifts

There’s a reason corporate gift baskets are big business: they’re convenient, they’re tasteful, and people love them. Food gift baskets are some of the best corporate gifts you can send. There are a lot of them out there, so it won’t be hard to find one to fit every type of person on your list.

Of course, everyone’s different and has different tastes, so don’t try to find one corporate gift basket that’s perfect for everyone; chances are it doesn’t exist. Instead, find a source that offers a wide variety of corporate Christmas gifts so you can cover everyone on your list with one convenient order.

Corporate Gift Basket Ideas

For starters, don’t feel limited to baskets. Some of the best meat and cheese gift baskets actually come in boxes. A variety of meats and cheeses, possibly combined with some contrasting baked goods, can be artfully arranged in a durable box that makes an eye-popping presentation and ships well.

Speaking of baked goods, who wouldn’t enjoy a dessert gift basket loaded with cakes, petits fours and other handcrafted goodies? Again, these sweet treats can be combined with an array of cheeses, sausages, candies and other items—and packaged in boxes, as well—and there are a number of options at virtually any price point to fit your corporate gifting budget.

Needless to say, chocolate gift baskets, with assortment of chocolates and candies, have always been some of the most popular corporate gift baskets. There’s a sweet tooth in every office, and those who prefer not to keep it all for themselves will delight in sharing the wealth with everyone else…especially during the holidays.

Ah, but what about the client or employee who’s a little more health-conscious, or is a vegetarian or vegan? Dried fruit is a fabulous gift that keeps well and offers a great blend of nutrition and festive flavor, and brings a welcome taste of summer sun to the dreariest winter day.

Corporate Christmas Gifts? No Problem!

There’s already too much stress associated with the holidays; finding the best corporate gifts shouldn’t contribute to it. Just remember that corporate gifting is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Partner with the right gift company offering the right variety of corporate gift baskets at the right price points, order them all in one place, have them delivered for you, and check done. Now you can focus on your own personal gift giving!

Petits Fours Stocking Stuffer


Comments (7)

Joel Dlap

Do these food packs have to be refrigerated immediately? Are they sold refrigerated.


They are refrigerated prior to shipping, and can withstand not being refrigerated until you get them. Once you receive them, though, they should be refrigerated to maintain freshness.

G k

do you all still mail out your books if so please will you mail two to me at
818 winkler ave
louisville ky 40208 (one for me and one for my sister please ty)


We’d be happy to send you a catalog! The best way to do it is to fill out this online form.



The picture on your web site is what I want but I don’t see it anywhere else on the web site. It’s the picture at the top of this page:


Ah, that’s our 27 Favorites gift, our most popular food gift for the holiday season. It’s not available now, but will be in September. In the meantime, we have a spring version of it:


Thanks for sharing, sweets are always the best choice for the corporate gifts. One can also gift handicraft items with delicious sweet boxes.

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Published on Dec 04 2015

Last Updated on Nov 01 2017

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